5 Prompts to get Candid Photos for Couples

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed admiring couples who are madly in love but not quite sure how to get those images? I’ll be the first to throw my hand up in the air because I’ve definitely been there before!

I wanted to share FIVE prompts that will help break the ice with your couples and so you don’t have to do those cheesy prom photos and that will do three things for your couples: 1. make them feel comfortable, 2. create authentic photos that display their love, and 3. guarantee a fun session!

Keep reading to learn how! :)

Have your couple hold hands and walk towards you + tell them to bump hips (gently) or you can have them face each other, hold hands and spin around then have them keep one of their hands holding and walk towards you in a straight line.


Tell them to look at each other like they haven’t seen each other in a few years. This is one of my favorites because it conveys a lot of emotions and their reactions are precious! Just see for yourself!


Have one person behind the other and sneak up for a big hug and have them wrapped up in each others arms and tell the partner to kiss the person’s cheek or shoulder. Lots of smiles + cuteness!

Have your couple get close and have one whisper three things they’re proud of their significant other! This one always brings out big smiles and immediate joy + is one of my favorite prompts to use!


Have the couple face each other and share with each other their first impression of one another or their favorite date/first date story! These always have me giggling!


I hope this gives you more confidence when you’re working with couples! These prompts have helped me as a photographer get candid photos and tell the love story of the couple I’m photographing! Good luck on your next session! :)

Julia Mann