Five Tips to Accomplish your Goals + my FREE Checklist

Happy Tuesday friends! I’m currently camping out at a coffee shop and knocking things off my to-do list and chugging my chai tea latte. I think we can all agree that it feels so dang good to check off things on our lists, right friends?!

This year has been all about balance and I have been working on balancing working in ministry, my side hustle with photography, pouring into my marriage + my relationship with Jesus, spending time with friends and family, all while trying to make sure I eat healthy and all those other random life-tasks we gotta do. I’ll be the first to say it hasn’t been easy and it’s something I’ve been learning as I go and wanted to share five ways I’ve been able to stay organized with allll the things!

When I left my corporate job this past summer to pursue full-time ministry, the first thing I did was create a schedule in my Google Calendar. I color coded my tasks: yellow for ministry (bible studies/church trainings/coffee dates/meetings/conferences/retreats), green for date night, blue for doctor’s appointments, pink for photography related things (consultations/shoots), and purple for holidays/birthdays, and light blue for travels. Y’all Google Cal has been a GAME CHANGER! I love that I can share my calendar with John which helps us with communication and you can send calendar invites to your friends. This helps me see what I have going on physically each day and keeps me accountable so I don’t overbook myself!

Another thing that has been a huge help in my day to day is creating a morning routine. I’ll wake up have my cold brew and spend time reading my bible and praying. Then afterwards I’ll eat breakfast and shower and get ready for the day. Implementing a morning routine has helped me start my mornings with productivity! The same thing goes for a night time routine, even if it’s something like reading a book before bed or doing your skin care routine (my fave thing hehe) it helps you unwind after a long day!

I keep a checklist in Google Docs of my short term and long term goals. For short term goals are more for the week or monthly basis, like sending client’s galleries, social media + blog content for the week/month, launching presets, etc. My longterm goals I make for each quarter or every year.

I do this with my photography projects (like my presets which have been delayed but are coming SOON friends!!) and other tasks that need to get done by a certain deadline. This not only keeps you accountable but helps you work toward that goal. It helps if you break up the goal each day. For example, if you’re wanting to book 10 weddings by the end of this year, you should make goals on how to achieve those goals (second shooting, styled shoots, etc) and work towards the big deadline by making smaller + easier to accomplish deadlines!

This goes back to creating a schedule and has been something that has helped speed up my workflow and help me stay concentrated. I’ve started to set alarms on my phone of when to work on certain tasks (i.e ministry or editing or projects) and when the alarm goes off, I’ll take a 15 minute break and then begin the next task. I make sure to turn my phone on airplane mode or have it out of sight so I don’t get distracted!

I hope this is inspires you to tackle your goals! I’ll be over here rooting for ya friends!! YOU GOT THIS!

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Julia Mann