10 Apps to Step up your Instagram Game

If you’ve been following me for some time now, you know that it’s really hard for me to keep secrets. When it comes to all things business related that is ;) I LOVE learning and I LOVE sharing with people what I’ve learned or what I’m being taught. One of the most asked questions I get is what apps do I use to edit/make fun instagram stories/and create fun videos. So I figured it was only necessary for me to share them with you guys!

Lightroom CC Mobile - I was thinking of doing a separate post on this because there’s so many cool features it has! But I’ll keep it sweet and do it for another day ;) I love the LR app!! Number one supporter!! I use my presets (as well as creating my own presets) on it and I feel like you just have so much more control over editing your photos in comparison to VSCO. Similar to VSCO, you can put filters (or presets) on your photos and adjust them accordingly and copy and paste your settings to your photos. BUT WITH LIGHTROOM….you can edit each individual color (making them brighter, darker, vibrant or more muted), create your own presets, there are more tools to choose from such as the healing tool (removes people or zits, take your pick), change the depth of your photos, and optics.
Photoshop Fix - Y’all this little app is a freaking miracle worker. You can get rid of something as small as a zit or something as big as a human or a car!!! It's wild!
Film Born - I just downloaded this a couple days ago! This is the app from Mastin Labs, it’s $2.99 and comes with some pretty bright and airy photos. I’m still playing around with it and getting the hang of it. But so far it’s easy to use!
AirBrush - Gonna be honest here for a sec...I edit out my zits haha. SHOCKER?! I love this app just for that! You can do some pretty crazy things, like put make up on yourself haha but I only use the blemish feature, teeth whitening and the tan option when I be look pastey. LOLZ. I like this better than FaceTune because I feel like FaceTune is just too unrealistic and theres more natural looking edits to choose from/create with this app!

8mm -
Creates vintage like film videos! So fun to use!
Cut Story - If you pre-film a video for instagram stories, this app cuts it in 15 second increments so you can upload them directly to your stories!

Unfold - This is how I create fun layouts that are super simple and minimal. You can add photos and pretty text to your stories. There’s a variety of layouts to choose from and they’re constantly coming out with new ones!
Canva - I discovered this app when I was doing freelance social media content creation for a startup! There are so many great things you can create with app: resumes, powerpoints, eBooks, social media headers, Instagram photos, blog content, and MORE! Seriously. The things you can do with this app are endless! It’s also a website, so I will go online and create things for my personally website and blog! It’s easy to use and there are already FREE templates for you to choose from if you’re like me and super indecisive haha. TEN TEN RECOMMEND GUYS!
8mm - see above ;)

Planoly - I use this app for my personal instagram (the struggle of running two accounts haha); you can add photos and move them accordingly and it shows you your current feed so you can see how your photos will look together. You can add captions which is fun!
UNUM - This is the app I use for my business account. UNUM (still have no idea how to pronounce it lol) allows you to make additional adjustments to your photo such as changing the brightness, white balance, crop, and more! I love the crop feature because I can see how it will look on my feed. You can also a create app to plan your feed because you can move photos around accordingly to create a cohesive instagram feed.

I hope this was helpful for you! If you have apps you love, tell me below! I’m always looking to find new things to play with :)

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