How to use Instagram as a Marketing Tool for your Business

With the new Instagram algorithm, it can be challenging for us creatives to get our work noticed since it's no longer based on chronological order, but by relevance. Instagram now chooses what content you will see based on what content you engage in the most. So if you're engaging with a lot of fashion bloggers, pug accounts, and throwback vine videos, that's what will pop up on your newsfeed. This can be really discouraging for content creators. Especially if you're like me and you don't have a huge da heck are people going to see my work/book a session with me if Instagram is basically "hiding" my work from my ideal clients?

If you're asking yourself the same thing, you are not alone internet friend. THERE IS HOPE! Hehe. Here are the three ways I've found marketing via Instagram to be super helpful:

I remember when Instagram first came out with this and I thought it was more of an "artistic SnapChat" haha and was waaay more in to it. Now there's all these different apps you can use to make your stories all pretty (Unfold, 8mm, VSCO for editing photos beforehand, etc). I think Instagram stories are a great way to get creative and show case more behind the scenes of your every day life. Some fun things you can do (aside from puppy dog filters and selfies):

  • Behind the scenes- share your morning routine, how to prepare for a shoot, BTS of a shoot, how you edit photos
  • Before and After photos - people honestly go crazy whenever I post these and are SHOOK. #I'mSoHip
  • A day in the life - share what you did that day
  • Share a story - this goes in to my next point but I always love watching people's stories when they're telling a funny story about their day or what's on their heart. It makes them more "relatable" and makes you feel like you know them.
  • Ask a Question - I probably get a little too crazy with the poll feature haha but I love that it's an easy way for people to engage! Sometimes feel too shy to respond so I feel like this feature is less intimidating for people to share their thoughts and feedback. 

I've noticed that my posts that have mico-blog posts as captions tend to do a lot better than my photos where song lyrics are the captions haha. Some good story telling points:

  • Share how you got the photo
  • Share about the person in the photo (who are they, how did you meet, their dreams + passions, etc)
  • Share what you did today or your weekend plans
  • Ask a question to get people to comment on your photo and share

Instead of comparing yourself to other creatives, focus on CELEBRATING them by choosing to encourage them and remind them of their hard work! When people comment on your photos, comment back. If they send you a DM, take the time to message them back. I always appreciate it when other bloggers/photographers respond back to my questions...ESPECIALLY if they have a big following. It means a lot when people take time out of their day to uplift those around them. 

I hope this gives you a different perspective on how you can use Instagram as a tool to serve those around you and your business! If you have any questions feel free to comment below! :)


Julia Mann