How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed

Today I wanted to share some tips and tricks for creating a cohesive feed. But before getting into the deets, I wanted to share WHY having a cohesive really matters and the benefits of doing it!

  • It makes your work flow better- let's face it, prettier feeds are just more fun to stalk...and follow hehe. Hopefully I'm not the only one ;)
  • It attracts your ideal audience
  • It can connect with your audience and make them "feel" a certain way
  • It's a representation of your brand and what you're all about
  • It's a great way to take your creativity to the next level

My internet girl-crush, Jenna Kutcher, hosted an Instagram webinar a while back and said to pick your "TOP 5" when it comes to your Instagram. This means narrowing it down to FIVE things that you will post about on your gram. This gives a nice variety and allows you plan your content in advance. For example, my "Top 5" for my personal Instagram includes: pictures of my husband and I, tacos, our apartment, my coffee, and my quiet time. For my photography's mainly just my work (which Jenna recommends showing your face)...and I'm working on that ;)

I've narrowed it down to THREE simple ways that you can nail a cohesive feed, thus growing your brand and getting you more likes and follows.

First things first. Find yo style! Okay, okay, this is waaaay easier said than done. I wen back and forth on my photography gram with moody edits and bright and airy edits because I couldn't decide! My feed was all over the place and was just a hot-mess to say the least. Here are four ways I was able to discover my style:

  • Write down as many words as you can think of that describe you - Create a list and then circle your top five. Example: dainty, whimsical, retro, urban, vintage, etc.
  • Moody, Airy, or a combo of BOTH? - What kind of look are you trying to acheive? What are you drawn to? For me personally, I looove a little bit of both and make sure my edits have a nice balance.
  • Play with Presets on Etsy - This was HUGE for me! I knew for a fact that I didn't want to invest in presets if I had no idea what style I was going for, so I searched Etsy! Luckily, I found inexpensive presets to use (I'm talking $7-$12 for a pack of 5 presets #PRAISE). I started playing around with them and made sure I found what I liked before biting the bullet and investing some expensive presets. Also, if you're thinking about investing in some presets, reach out to a friend who has them and have them edit a photo to see if you like it before purchasing it!
  • Find inspiration from other Instagram accounts - What do you like about them? Colors? Tones? What draws you in? Write these things down.

Lastly, ask yourself the following: What colors do you want to reflect your brand? What backgrounds will you use on your photos? What filters/presets will you use?

If you look at my feed, you will see a lot of blues, greens, and neutrals with more moody tones. I'm all about vintage/city vibes and this is what makes my style/brand unique! Whether you're snapping pictures on your handy dandy smart phone or you're using your fancy DSLR camera, be sure to play around with angles so your images look different and to use natural light! Doing this will ensure "Insta worthy" photos.

Since discovering my style, I've had booked more sessions- woohoo! So I'm not lying when I'm saying it's worth it to go the extra mile for a creative + cohesive feed!

Instagram is really an art/science haha. I've always wondered how people achieved such beautiful feeds...the trick? Planning your posts in advance! I use the app Preview which syncs to my Instagram account and allows me to download photos and rearrange them to see if it would be a good "fit." Now, there are a thousand and one ways you can create a pretty little feed. For me personally, I try to have balance in mine with greenery and city. Essentially it's all up to YOU! This is the fun part where you get to be extra creative!

Here are some other awesome planning apps:

These apps not only allow you to see if your feed will look cohesive, but they also allow you to set up a time to post them! Heyyyooo. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! If you decide to plan out your posts in advance, make sure they flow together. Meaning, don't just post photos to post them, make sure they are representing YOU and your brand. Planning your posts not only saves time but creates consistency and prevents you from having those "oh shoot what am I going to post today" worries!

Some of my favorite Instagram feeds are these peeps:

Jaci's Feed - it's so fun and colorful and reminds me of Urban Outfitters hehe. She's the cutest lil red head.

New Darlings' Feed - they gems are a husband and wife duo. First off, I love her clothes and they post the cutest couple pics + their fun travels! Their feed reminds me of a Madewell catalog.

Lo's Feed - Ugh. I just think she's the cutest! Her color scheme is so much fun with her neutral pallets and her style is da bomb!

Maybe that sounds super cheesey, but I can't stress this enough. Don't feel like you have to post something just to do it. And I'm totally preaching to myself when I say this. Those tiny little squares are just a [small] representation of your and your bizz. So just be YOU! I feel like this happens organically if you're just posting what makes you, YOU! You won't have to stress as much if you're just being yourself and letting your work flow accordingly.

I hope this was helpful and can't wait to see your dreamy feed! What is your Instagram all about? Where do you get your Insta-Inspo from? Who are some of your favorite creatives to follow? I'd love to hear in the comments below! Stay tuned for next Monday's blog post! Happy creating, friends! :)


Julia Mann