My Favorite Apps that Keep me Organized

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I wanted to kick off the first of the month by sharing some of my favorite tools that help me stay organized! I’ll be honest, being your own boss is hard and my biggest advice is to stay on top of things and organized! Here are some of my favorite apps that allow me to do just that! :)

When I first began photography, I was just sending my clients their photos via Google Drive and quickly realized I needed another solution because I was constantly running out of storage. PixieSet is an online gallery that allows you to send your clients their photos in a professional and sleek way. I love that it’s easy to use (for you and your clients) and even comes with instructions with your clients on how to use it which is super helpful. It’s free and you can upgrade anytime! Some of my favorite features include: watermarks, custom gallery design, password download to save gallery [you can also “uncheck” this option], sharing options and MORE! The possibilities are endless!

I used Trello a lot when I was doing some social media freelance projects for a start up and was an easy tool to keep track of check lists, managed projects and tasks, and was a great visual aid! I love how versatile it is and helps me stay organized and manage clients!

This was a tool that was introduced to me when I was working for corporate and allowed me to keep in constant contact with my supervision about projects and deadlines! I even use this app for making grocery lists and random things like my Christmas list for myself and others ;)

I use this for errrthang! Emails, calendar events, creating my editorial calendar, writing blog posts, EVERYTHING! If you don’t have a gmail account, you are missing the party, people! This is my JAM!

I use this app to plan all my Instagram posts and to plan out my feed for the week. I love that it allows you to crop and make additional edits + tweaks and it also gives you insights on your posts and how they’re doing! TEN TEN RECOMMEND!

I hope this helps ya stay on top of your game! YOU GOT THIS

Julia Mann