Photographers, are YOU doing THIS on Instagram?!

I would say about 90% of my clients come from Instagram and the other 10% are word of mouth! Over the past three years, I have used Instagram as my biggest marketing tool and has helped me meet clients from all over the US and even across the country! I wanted to share some helpful tips with y’all on how you can take your Instagram to a whole new level as a business owner!

I’ve been called out by my friends for always changing my Instagram bio haha I feel like I have so much to say! If you’re like me, keep it short, simple and sweet. Share what you’re passionate about and where you’re located! (Ex: Elopement Wedding Photographer for the adventurous soul based in San Diego, CA. Cat lover + coffee drinker + Beyonce’s biggest fan) Your bio is the first thing people read and you want to be able to grab their attention. It’s a quick way for them to get to know you! Think of it as your five second pitch! Don’t forget to add a link to your bio with your website.

I shared this in one of my blog posts here so I’ll try to keep this short and get to the point ;) Instagram is a visual platform, therefore pretty pictures are necessary if you’re trying to sell a product. I like to think of Instagram as a collage or a puzzle - you want the pieces to go together and to create something that’s captivating. There’s a lot of different ways you can “theme” your Instagram. My favorite is the “checkered” theme [not sure if this is the technical term but this is what I call it lol] is popular and is easy to do. Basically you have an image that is lighter, then the next image is moodier/darker, and the next image is lighter and you repeat the process. Here are some examples: [click on the photos to see!]

These feeds draw you to their images and the photos vary from sessions [couples, weddings, portraits] and focal point! The more you look at other accounts you will be able to see a general “theme” that they have! :)

Instagram stories is a great way to connect with your followers! I started talking to my phone/followers about two years ago and would just share simple things about my day, take my followers along on the shoot and share some behind the scenes and would just share day-to-day things. It was out of my comfort zone, even though I’m pretty extroverted. I wasn’t sure people would care or if they would even listen haha. BUT THEY DID! I get so many DMs whenever I pop my face up. It’s allowed me to connect to my followers and people have actually noticed me in public and have commented that I’m the same as I am whenever I do IG stories haha. You can ease your way into it by sharing stuff about your daily routine or what you did. I know it feels awkward and weird, but people genuinely care about what you do other take pretty pictures, blog, etc. They want to get to know you more! :)

Sure it’s great to show your work, but don’t forget to show YOURSELF! Again, people want to see you! I follow a lot of photography accounts and there have been numerous times where I will be Instagram stalking them [hey no shame] and I have to scroll through 276 photos to figure out who the photographer is. I read a rule once that out of nine Instagram photos, 2-3 of those photos should be of YOU! I’ve seen a lot of creatives do #FridayIntroductions where they share some fun facts about themselves and those posts are always my favorite to read! It’s so fun getting to know the person behind the lens! Here’s a sneak peek of my current feed!


I’m sure your logo is very pretty but your smile is prettier hehe. Again, people want to see YOU! This gives them a way to connect! There was a time where I was going to grab coffee with another photographer while we were traveling and I couldn’t figure out what she looked like or who she was because her profile picture on Instagram was her logo, she didn’t have any photos of herself on her feed so I had to go back and watch her IG stories and asked her for her personal account haha. Your headshot photo should be a photo of you; not the back of your head and try avoiding wearing sunglasses so people can see ya!

I spend about 15-30 minutes each day commenting on other people’s posts in addition to liking them, responding to direct messages, sending messages, etc. Communication is key! It can be scary posting something and then just getting crickets. So return the favor and be other people’s hype girls. Tell that girl you love that sweater. Tell that photographer they did a phenomenal job capturing the couple’s love. BE GENUINE. The more you give, the more you get!

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