How to Stay Productive when you Work from Home

If you've been following along for some time now, you know that I worked a full-time job, also did photography and served a lot with our church. Well, for the past couple of weeks, I've transitioned out of my 9-5 job to do photography & ministry!! It's been a joy doing what I love and I love having the flexibility and being able to work from home or at coffee shops. 

Today, I wanted to share some ways that have helped me stay accountable and get work done, especially now since I'm my own boss ;) 

As I was getting ready to leave my job, I started creating a daily schedule of what it would look like dedicating more time to my photography business. I wanted to still wake up early, have my morning routine, and get work done. My goal is to work from 9am-4pm each day. Some days are longer, depending with editing and shoots, it just depends on the day! Create a simple routine and get into the habit of abiding by your routine.

I cannot work in my bed or on the couch, I just get too tired haha. I've found that I'm most productive when I'm working from our kitchen table or from a coffee shop. Determine what environment you work best in.

Gah. Okay for me this is hard for me haha. I try to keep my phone out of sight and the only time I get on social media is to take quick 5-10 minute breaks. If social media is part of your job (AKA you're a blogger, photographer or influencer) just be sure to limit your time! I turn off my notifications so I don't get distracted or I'll put my phone on airplane mode.

Each night, I create a list of to-do's for the next day. I make sure to put the big tasks first - such as delivering galleries, sending contracts, replaying to emails, editing sessions, etc. This keeps me accountable and my brain focused on the task that I need to finish that day. Next to each of my tasks, I make sure to give myself a deadline so I can work towards that goal.

During finals week in college I would sit down at the library for ten hours straight trying to cram a semester's worth of information in my brain. It didn't work haha. Studies show that we work better when we take breaks, so I implement this in my daily routine. There are some days where I can stare at my computer for 5 hours straight and edit. And then there are days where I don't really feel like sitting at my computer for that long. I try to space out my tasks. So if I'm working on editing a wedding gallery, I'll edit for about 1-2 hours and then take a break and go on a walk, listen to a podcast, plan content for the week, write a blog, etc. It's nice to mix it up and it makes working more fun and enjoyable :)

I hope this way helpful for all the boss babes [and bros] out there! I'm still learning how to nail this but these are some things that have personally worked for me! Best of luck to you kicking butt and being productive today! YOU GOT DIS!

Julia Mann