What I Packed for Moving Abroad

A couple days ago we miraculously managed to pick up our belongings in two luggages and a backpack. I’d like to think that Maria Kondo would be very impressed with us hehe. We have been planning to move abroad the past twoish years so we started the minimizing process. We didn’t purchase any new furniture (we got lots of free furniture from Craiglist or had hand-me-downs), when purchasing clothes we made sure we could take it overseas with us and that it would be versatile (and really only bought clothes with gift-cards for Christmas + birthdays), which made it easier when the time came to condense our belongings.

Now, I was pretty proud of the clothes that I donated and sold, buuut realized I needed to condense even MORE because my luggage was over the weight limit haha. So, as I was going through my clothes, I created a pile of “things that don’t spark joy/things that are not versatile.”


  • Seven pairs of shoes

    • two sneakers (black + cream)

    • two sandals (black + brown)

    • two pairs of loafers (black + brown)

  • Fifteen tops

    • five blouses

    • five tanks

    • three tees

    • two sweaters

  • Five pairs of pants

    • 2 black (will probs get rid of one before we move)

    • 3 denim (different shades + one high waisted)

  • Four jackets

    • Grey Patagonia pull over

    • Army green utility jacket

    • Denim bomber jacket

    • Black down jacket

  • Five Dresses (can pair with sneakers or sandals)

  • Undergarments

Since I already consider myself to be a minimalist photographer, it made it really easy of what to bring and what not to bring! Here’s a list of what I’m taking:

  • Camera Body (Canon 6D)

  • Canon AE-1 Film Camera

  • Lenses - Sigma 35mm 1.4 + 50mm 1.8

  • Batteries

  • Flash

  • Hardrives (3)

  • Laptop


  • Make up

  • Nail polish (3 neutral colors)

  • Shellac Machine (got for Christmas and excited to use it hehe)

  • Skin Care

*I’m not taking a blow dryer/flat iron/curling iron because power is different over there and will just purchase them over there because they’re cheap!


  • Barcelona Map Print

  • Childhood photos

  • Current journal

  • Texas Coasters

  • Film Camera

    For so long I struggled with putting my worth in materialistic things, but God has really stirred in my heart and has reminded me that these things on earth are temporary. When I focus on that truth, it makes it easy to let go. It’s also been really liberating and it makes me happy that there is some gal out there getting use out of my clothes! I’m excited for this move and can’t wait to see what God is going to do!! :)

Julia Mann