Jessica + Hunter | Sunset Proposal in Liberty Hill, TX

A few weeks back I posted a photo of a proposal and had quite a few inquiries from it. Go instagram. I got an email from Tiffany who said that her friend, Jessica, was going to engaged soon and needed a photographer to capture it. ⁣Umm HECK YEAH. I am your girl.

With any proposal, there are two important things that need to go down: 1. The girl can’t know and 2. It’s better if you have a photographer there to capture it all hehe. So Tiffany suggested that I reach out to Jessica and tell her I’m a photographer for the Austin Monthly and doing a shoot for your entrepreneurs. #GENIUS.

Jessica showed up to tonight’s session looking absolutely stunning and had the sweetest surprise to her evening!⁣

⁣Jessica and Hunter are so goofy (we were cracking up the whole time), so sweet, and tonight this city girl learned all things country hehe. ⁣

SO PUMPED FOR THESE LOVEBIRDS! I’m forever grateful for the sweet people and the stories I get to tell. ⁣

Julia Mann