Last Week Living in Austin

Hope everyone is having a great week! I shared a poll yesterday on my Instagram Stories of what blog post y’all want to read today, and more than half of y’all said a moving update…so here we are :)

If you’re new around here, hi welcome!!! My husband and I [and our four best friends] are moving overseas in June!! We are super excited and you can read more of our wild story here!

I wanted to give everyone a little update and figured this was the easiest place to do it!

It’s quite the process and there’s a whole lot to do! Fortunately we are wrapping stuff up with our visas which is a HUGE blessing. John and I are both ready to be done with this because it’s been so tedious (spending thousands of dollars getting documents translated, paperwork, appointments + so much more). Despite this process, we are grateful for our TEAM and that we get to go through this process TOGETHER. Praising God for that!

It’s still hasn’t hit me that this is our last week in Austin. This past weekend we had our send off party with our team, celebrated John’s 26th birthday, our church prayed over us and we spent a lot of time with my family. Emotions were all over the place haha but God has continued to give us comfort + rest in this chaotic [and exciting] season! We managed to pack our items in two suitcases (each) plus a carry on. Maria Kondo would be very proud of us ;) We are spending this week crossing off last minute things on our to-do list, selling more furniture, and spending time with family + friends. Next Monday we will drive down to Nashville to spend time with John’s family, watch his brother get MARRIED and then from there we are off to BARCELONA! Our first day in Barcelona will be June 8th - just a month away!!! :)

There have been people who I have never met before, who have messaged me on Instagram or who have come up to me during church and told me that they are praying for us. It has BLOWN my mind that God is already stirring in people’s hearts and how He uses His people to care for His people. Seriously I am in awe of His provision in just that! So a big THANK YOU to YOU for your encouragement + support for us! :’)

I think a big prayer request during this time is provision. We are still needing to raise $325 a month for the ministry. With that said, we are looking for people to commit anywhere from $50-$100 a month! We want to run hard with the Lord in this work for years to come. We ask that if you would prayerfully consider joining our support team. If you feel the Spirit is leading you to give, you can do so by clicking here and following the onscreen prompts.

Another big prayer request is for comfort + peace during this transition as we leave behind family, friends, and all other comforts of America. We are entering into a season of a lot of unknowns. Please pray for language learning - that we learn QUICK! I start classes at the end of July and am super excited to learn! Please also pray for the hearts of the people we meet in Barcelona. We are excited to see the Lord more and we ask that He will lead us to people who are hungry to know more of the Good News.

I know this is super long haha but there is just soooo much to update you on! So I figured it would be best to update everyone on here! :) We also started a blog to keep our families and friends up to date and to have a space where we will be sharing more stories + encouragement and gospel tools! (And I will work on updates on here as well.)

One more thing! John and I would love to cover you in prayer! Feel free to send us your prayer requests: :)

Here are some photos of these past few weeks! There were lots of CELEBRATIONS - we witnessed FOUR baptisms (our dear friend + a dad and his two sons), and lots of quality time with family + friends :)

Julia Mann