My Skin Care Routine + Fave Products

One of my goals for 2018 was to clear up my skin and to take better care of it. In high school I was the WORST! I would go to bed every night with a full face of make up on. face palm. WHYYYY?! WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Anyways, I searched the internet and turned to the beauty gurus on YouTube to see what type of skin care I needed for my oily, semi-acne prone skin.

There were some things about my skin that I wanted to fix: blemishes, redness, and wrinkles. Yay getting older is so fun haha. I found the Mario Badescu acne line at Ulta and started to use it and after a couple weeks of using it morning and night, say a HUGE difference in my skin. I love that this line is travel size because I just take it with me whenever we’re on the go. It’s also lasted me about 4-6 months which has been great and it’s super affordable!

I alternate the Mario Badescu acne skin care line with Neutrogena Toner [especially when it’s that time of the month I double up so prevent break outs] and use the Derma line once a day (usually wash my face with it in the morning in the shower and then apply the moisturizer on at night.)

About a week and a half ago, I added Vitamin C Serum into my skin care routine and it has been such a game changer you guys! If you follow me along on Instagram you might have seen me raving about how much I love it haha. It’s seriously the best. It has cleared up my acne scars, made my skin sooo soft, and has made my skin brighter annnnd also helps with wrinkles. YAY!

I’m no skin care expert, these just happen to be my favorite skin care products and wanted to share them with you all because they help me to embrace the skin I’m in ;)

Annnd here are some selfies to prove to ya that these products are #DABOMB!



Julia Mann