The Greatest Love Story

At a young age, I remember desiring to be loved and to feel beautiful. I thought that if I had a boyfriend, that I would experience that “true love.” The older I got, the more this desire grew. I was on this mission to be in a relationship. ⁣

Each relationship (if that’s even what you want to call them) lasted only three months and I was dumped. It left me feeling more unloved, unworthy and broken. ⁣

My first year of college I decided to just swear off relationships and live my life for myself and I did just that. I still felt broken, empty, and unloved. ⁣

Not long after living a life of self-destruction, a friend shared with me the most beautiful love story ever. It wasn’t romantic like you see in the movies. It was real, it was raw, and it WAS love. ⁣

She shared with me that we were broken people, which made us separate from God. But because He loves us so much, He didn’t want us to be away from Him. He sent down His one and Only Son, Jesus, to live a perfect life on Earth and He was killed on a cross because of that. Jesus hung there as blood poured out, fully knowing that we might not love Him back, we will disobey Him, disappoint Him and dishonor Him. But He still died for us. ⁣

Why did He do this for us? Because He loves us. ⁣

When I heard this good news, my whole life changed. And my idea of love was completely wrecked.⁣

I’ve realized that no earthly relationship, temporary fling, or even my sweet Jesus-loving husband can love me the exact way Jesus does. ⁣

We‘re imperfect people + our emotions are always changing. Jesus is perfect and He is CONSTANT. He doesn’t change how He feels about us based on our actions. His love is unconditional - He doesn’t just walk up and leave when we mess up. ⁣

He doesn’t turn our backs when we fall short. He pursues us, meets us where we’re at and covers us with grace. Jesus loves you right where you’re at. You don’t have to clean yourself up or get yourself together, He loves you because He created you. ⁣

Praying you experience this unconditional love this week.

Julia Mann