Hey, YOU ARE Worth it

Some days it’s so easy to follow Jesus and other days, the enemy seems so strong- constantly attacking us and brining us down. In those moments, I begin to obsess and worry what other people think and say about me and I find myself trying to please them and seek approval, acceptance and love from them. But in reality, I know that I will never be pleased with pleasing people.

I started thinking…

Why do we care so much about what other people think or say about us? Why is that the opinions of what others say about us seem to linger with us? Why do we base our self worth based off of what others think, say or believe about us?

Maybe it’s because “I’m a girl” and I compare myself to every other girl around me: she’s so pretty. I wish I was tall. I wish I was thin like she was. I wish I was athletic like her. She’s so smart. The list of comparisons could go on and might not ever stop.

We are all guilty of comparing, of judging and bringing people down. Instead, we should be focused on lifting people up- reminding them that they’re worth it! Not only reminding them, but showing them.

God sacrificed His own son to show us we are worth it. The death of Christ showed us God’s unfailing love for us. He didn’t have to send down His son- but He chose to. Jesus chose to die for you. He chose to give up His life just for you. He chose to do so before you were even created. He chose you because He wanted you to be overwhelmed with His love.

What are some things you need to sacrifice to show someone they’re worth it? Maybe it’s your time- putting aside time in your busy schedule to invest in someone. Who do you need to show they’re worth it? And how are you going to do it?

God loves us when we can’t love ourselves because He thinks we’re lovable. The days where you feel upset or empty for no reason- He is STILL crazy in love with you. He LOVES His kids. The times where you feel unloved, whether that’s from your parents, the person you’re dating, your friends, family, coaches, whoever- God is STILL madly, deeply in love with you. And He thinks you’re worth it. He thinks you’re worth loving when you feel like you aren’t. He thinks you’re wonderful because YOU were fearfully and wonderfully made. You are adored by Him.

Who has God put on your heart for you to love better? How can you love them better? What does that look like?

Now, go out and LIVE a life knowing you’re worth it. Go out and rest in Him- knowing that you are loved so so much and what the world says about you does not COMPARE to what God has done for you, what He will do and what He is doing for you right now. Seek His heart and the more you do so, the more you will be reminded that your worth is found in Christ and in Christ alone. This broken world we live in will just continue to feed you lies and will try to break you, but when you seek after Christ and spend time with Him- you will be reminded that God died for the broken.

We are still broken. We are still going to mess up and things are going to go wrong. But none of those situations compare to the greatest sacrifice that was made for you and me. God sent down His own flesh and blood to die a painful death. Jesus willingly took upon the cross for you and me because He said we were worth it. He said that no matter what you’ve done, what you will do- He is going to give His life up for you.

You are worth it. No one can tell you otherwise. My prayer for you is that you will experience the love of Christ; that you may discover your self worth is found in Him and you will LIVE IT out every day from now until you are hanging out with Jesus in Heaven. I pray that God will you give you confidence and faith in knowing who He is and what He has done for you. I pray that you will love people better and will remind them that they’re worth it- may you lift up, encourage, lead, guide, show mercy, patience and grace to everyone around you and may you love them without limits. I pray that God will use you to fulfill His plans for you and that you may focus on Him. I pray that God will take away the voices and thoughts from the enemy and that you will chase after God’s heart and see yourself as He sees you: worth it.

Julia Mann