Walking in Freedom

Following Jesus is hard. I’ve been lacking spending time with Him, I’ve been discouraged to share with non believers the HOPE + freedom they can find in Jesus, I’ve been extra sassy (sorry John!), and just have been feeling “meh” lately. And hopefully I’m not alone! It’s tough chasing after Jesus day in and day out in a world that says we’re okay without Him- telling us that it’s about us and not Him. So to say the least, we are messy people. A hot mess might I add. We mistakes day in and day out. Sometimes those mistakes weigh on us- they convict us. Sometimes they leave us feeling dirty, unworthy, impure, or just flat out awful.

A sweet friend of mine slash mentor shared with me “Freedom from Sin” and I wanted to share it with YOU! Whatever sin you’re struggling with (addiction, lust, sexual immorality, pornography, gossip, lying, cheating, cursing, etc) I hope this gives you the boldness to fight against it in order to be more like Christ!

So let’s start! How exactly does sin even start? Well I’m glad ya asked, friend!

There are five main ways it creeps into our souls:
-Idea/thought/event (that leads to)
-Temptation (depending on how we respond)
-Sin (If we don’t fight it)
-Sin struggle (If we don’t conquer it)

Okay, so know that ya get the gist of how it starts…how can we stop it?

The game plan:

If our sin is in the “stronghold” section, we must have grace and patience with ourselves to allow the Word and Jesus’ power to take us through every stage to get back out of it.

We are not unaware of satan's schemes: Write down sins that you are currently struggling with – what are the “big ones” that could turn into stumbling blocks? Circle the one you feel is currently your biggest struggle.

Take your thoughts captive: Write down lies you are hearing regarding you and your sin. Circle which ones you are consistently believing.

Cling to the truth: What does God say? Write down every truth that applies to every lie you can think of. Just write it down. What is true about God?

Hide His word in your heart: Search the Bible for about three verses that tell you who God is in this situation – find scriptures that when you read them your heart jumps and you feel like “THAT”! Write down the one that you choose to commit to memory this week. Memorize that scripture. Catch yourself in thoughts from point two. When we do, remind yourself of the things you wrote down in three and preach to yourself your verse you’re committing to memory!!

The Word is the only weapon we have- and we are able to hold onto the Word by the power of Jesus and faith- we must be women of FAITH and join in the saints that fought before us! And we are able to do this by becoming women of the Word and enhancing our mental scripture library. If the only scripture we have memorized is John 3:16- we’re to have less ammo to use when the temptation to idolize body image, lust, fear for our way of life, respond in anger etc. arrives.

We must take our thoughts captive and give them to Jesus. Say “here Lord.” This is what I’m thinking feeling and believing. I know you empathize in every way, as you are a great high priest who knows every struggle I face. You have conquered not only sin but even the temptation to do so. To get there, help me to meditate on your Word, my weapon, so that eventually even my shield, faith, will be grown.

Faith comes through hearing. We are not of those who shrink back. You are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. You have the mind of Christ.

I encourage you to also check out this sermon! What are your thoughts on it? What do we learn about God? What were some of your takeaways? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Julia Mann