How I Study the Bible + Pray

Over the past five years of walking with The Lord, He has taught me so much. every day I continue to learn more about Him and fall more in love with Him. It hasn’t been an easy ride. It’s been hard. But following Jesus has been the greatest adventure of my life and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

Spending time with God fills me up, brings me hope, peace, joy, truth, and wisdom. And similarly to eating a yummy meal, if I’m in the Word and in prayer, I’m feeding my soul spiritually. The times where I go without praying, talking to God or reading my bible, I notice that my heart gets hangry and that’s no fun!

So, with that said, I wanted to share how I study the bible and spend time with The Lord and added some resources at the end of this post for y’all with my favorite devos, commentaries, and books and sermons!

To be totally honest with you, each day looks kind of different and I really try to be in the word every day. Although I’m not perfect at it and am working at it!

I’ll wake up, make a cup of [super sweet and creamy] coffee and then sit at our kitchen table or and I’ll start off by praying like this:

Adoration - I will spend time praising God and telling Him how great He is!
onfession - I ask God to reveal to me anything that I have done to hurt him and then will ask for forgiveness.
hanksgiving - I will spend time thanking God for what I’m grateful for.
upplication - During this time I pray for friends, family, community, those who don’t know Jesus, and any other prayer requests from people.

I’ll sit in silence for a bit and just be still and listen to what God has to say. Then I’ll jot down some notes of what God is telling me in my notebook.

Then I’ll open up my Bible and read some scripture. Sometimes it’s only a couple of verses and other times it’s a few chapters. My goal is to go through a different book a week [or couple of weeks because some books of the bible are a lot longer than others]. I will read the verses in the ESV translation and will go back and read it another time through in another translation, either NLT, NIV or CSB. I read it a second time using the YouVersion Bible App. The second time reading it is really helpful to me because sometimes I don’t always understand it.

After reading it, I’ll sit for a moment and journal. Then I’ll dig deeper and dissect the passage and will answer these four questions in my notebook:

  1. What does this story/scripture teach us about Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit? [Character]

  2. What does this story/scripture teach us about us as humans?

  3. What is something in this story we should avoid? [Sin]

  4. What is something in the this story we can obey?

Then I will set goals for the week of how I can apply what I read to my life. As Christians, we are called not to just be hearers of the word, but DOERS of the Word. [Matthew 7:24-29]

After reading and digging deeper, I will end in prayer and ask God to move in my day and for my heart, mind, spirit, and soul to focus on JESUS first and I ask God for boldness and I’ll pray for the people I will see that day!

I hope this was helpful!! Again, each day looks different. Somedays I do a reading plan on my YouVersion Bible App or will read a couple of verses and dissect + pray!


Favorite Worship Bands on Spotify: Shane & Shane, Austin Stone Worship, Hillsong,
Elevation, Red Rocks Worship, Passion, Jesus Culture, Vertical Worship. There’s also some great playlist if you search Worship music on Spotify :)

Other great resources I use to dig deeper: this Commentary & Blue Letter Bible

Favorite Devotionals: Jesus Calling & She Reads Truth & God’s Wisdom for Navigating Everyday Life

Favorite Books: Prayer Book, Heaven, Pursued, The Meaning of Marriage, The Cost of Discipleship, Multiple, Crazy Love, Letters to the Church,

Christian Podcasts + Sermons: The Austin Stone, Watermark Church, The Porch, Tim Keller, Francis Chan, Matt Chandler

Julia Mann